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Why are industrial aluminum profiles more and more widely used?
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Industrial aluminum alloy profile is an alloy material with aluminum as the main component. Aluminum rods are hot-melted and extruded to obtain aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes, but the proportion of the added alloy is different. The mechanical Performance and application fields are also different.


After the surface of the industrial aluminum profile is oxidized, it has a very beautiful appearance and is resistant to dirt. It is very easy to clean once it is coated with oil. It is more environmentally friendly, and it is very convenient to install and disassemble, light and easy to carry and move.


The advantages of industrial aluminum profiles are not only convenient for disassembly and assembly, but also the following advantages:

1. Industrial aluminum profiles have good corrosion resistance. Due to the characteristics of the aluminum alloy material, a dense oxide film will be formed in contact with the air. This film can prevent corrosion, so the corrosion resistance is good. If some anti-oxidation surface treatment is carried out, the corrosion can be completely prevented.

2. The strength performance of industrial aluminum profiles is good. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is about 80 MN/m2, which is one-fifth of that of low-carbon steel. However, after heat treatment strengthening and alloy strengthening, it can reach the strength value of low carbon steel.

3. The reuse rate of industrial aluminum profiles is high, and the melting point of aluminum alloy materials is low, so it is easier to return to the furnace for regeneration. And the recycling rate reaches more than 95%.

4. The processing performance of industrial aluminum profiles is good, suitable for all kinds of processing, easy to cut, cut, milling, etc.

Generally speaking, aluminum profiles are used in the industrial field with their unique practicability, excellent sound insulation, heat preservation and recyclability, which is in line with the concept of green, environmental protection and energy saving advocated by the state. In the future, with the development of the aluminum profile industry and technology becoming more and more mature, it will expand to more fields and develop in a diversified direction. It will be more widely used in construction, transportation, home appliances, aviation, machinery and other industries.

Guangdong Jingyu Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. has 30 years of experience in customizing aluminum profiles. In the field of industrial materials, it also develops and designs industrial material products (radiators, automotive electromagnetic bottom plates, T-slots, etc.) to be used in more fields such as automobiles and transportation industries.

Application scenarios of industrial aluminum profiles:

Industrial manufacturing: assembly line conveyor belts, shelves, clean rooms, etc.

(In large conveying equipment, aluminum profiles can play a protective role, such as aluminum profile fences, material racks, etc.)

Transportation industry: automobile frame, automobile doors and windows, engine casing, and parts, main body and structure of high-speed rail carriages, etc.

(Aluminum profiles have the advantages of light weight, strong bearing capacity, energy saving and environmental protection, corrosion resistance, etc., and the special structure of the profiles facilitates the installation and connection of electrical equipment, so it also has a place in the automotive field)

Electronic and electrical industry: radiators, shells, wires and other parts of electronic appliances,

(Aluminum profiles are widely used in the electronics industry as profiled profiles. Aluminum has excellent heat dissipation function, high strength and good extensibility, and is mainly used for radiators, casings, wires and other parts of electronic appliances)

Medical equipment: stretcher frame, medical equipment, medical bed, etc.

(Because of its advantages such as corrosion resistance, the application of aluminum profiles is also common in the medical field, such as stretchers, beds, medical equipment, etc.)

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