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Technical equipment
Technical equipment

In May, 2006, our company purchased BIRDSBORO 4000-ton extruder from America, which can produce all kinds of large-section profiles with diagonal of 360mm for machinery, electronics, transportation and construction. (the largest flat pipe can reach 420mm×100mm, the largest square pipe can reach 250mm×250mm, the largest round pipe can reach φ Φ290mm, and the largest plate can reach 450mm×20mm). The auxiliary equipment is a well-type hot-air circulating heating mould furnace, and a double-rod furnace heated by natural gas, which is energy-saving, environment-friendly and uniform. The on-line quenching and cooling are adopted, and sophisticated equipment such as double traction is adopted, which can produce building profiles, industrial profiles and decorative profiles of 2000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series and other alloy brands.
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