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Automotive aluminum market is gradually growing
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As the automotive industry has evolved over time, the materials used in production vehicles have also changed. Aluminum is lightweight and versatile, with properties that increase safety in automotive construction. It also allows automakers to achieve significant weight savings when replacing heavier steel, making cars more environmentally friendly and helping to reduce emissions. The lightweight of automobiles has become the trend of the development of automobiles in the world.

Why are cars made of aluminum?

Aluminum has many benefits in the automotive industry. This article analyzes the application advantages of aluminum in automotive lightweight

1. Reduce weight

One of the main attractions of aluminum is that it reduces weight. These weight savings can be explained by the fact that aluminum is one-third the weight of steel.

Although aluminum alloys are lighter than steel, aluminum auto parts are still as strong as steel parts.

2. High security

The aluminum alloy profile car is to reduce the weight of the car without reducing the capacity of the car, the center of gravity of the body is lowered, and the car is more comfortable and stable during driving. Because the aluminum alloy profile has good performance, it has significant advantages in collision safety performance. Once a collision occurs, the deformation area of the front end of the car will wrinkle, which can absorb a large impact force, thereby protecting the driver and passengers behind.

3. Environmental protection

Aluminum alloy is a metal material with low recovery difficulty and high recovery rate. Because the rate of corrosion problems in the process of re-application of aluminum alloy is low. The loss of aluminum in the recycling process of aluminum is only about 5%, and its recycling value is the highest among all metal materials. In addition, aluminum has a low melting point and good fluidity performance. Able to know the complex structure of a clock and the construction of irregular shapes. This side provides favorable conditions for automobile manufacturing, and the value rate is the highest among conventional materials used in industry.

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