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How to choose the right aluminum profile extrusion machine tonnage?
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Faced with the increasingly complex cross-sectional shape and size of aluminum profiles, aluminum profile extrusion machines, as the main equipment for the production of aluminum products, directly affect the appearance quality and precision dimensions of aluminum profiles. The shape, size and quality of aluminum profiles are closely related to the quality of the extrusion machine.

According to the type of alloy to be extruded, the annual production capacity of the machine and the diameter of the largest circumscribed circle of the profile, we will preliminarily select the type of extrusion machine. The first thing to consider is the tonnage of the extrusion machine. Of course, the size of aluminum rods extruded by different tonnages is also different.

When selecting the tonnage of the extrusion machine, it is generally necessary to calculate the extrusion ratio of the extrusion machine first. The extrusion ratio is also called the extrusion coefficient, which refers to the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the extrusion cylinder to the total cross-sectional area of the aluminum profile. It is the main parameter used to measure the deformation of aluminum alloy in the production of aluminum profiles, expressed by the following formula:


Among them, Ft represents the cross-sectional area of the aluminum ingot filled in the extrusion cylinder, expressed in mm²;

ΣF1 represents the total cross-sectional area of the extruded profile, expressed in mm²;

During the extrusion of aluminum profiles, the amount of deformation of the aluminum alloy can also be expressed by the degree of deformation: ε=λ-1

If the extrusion processing method is used, the extrusion ratio is limited. The extrusion ratio λ of the primary extrusion aluminum profile and aluminum rod is greater than 8-12 during extrusion, and the extrusion ratio of the blank for secondary extrusion There is no limit to the pressure ratio.

To put it simply, the cross-sectional area of the extruded ingot ÷ the cross-sectional area of the extruded profile can also be calculated in other ways, that is, the length of the extruded profile ÷ the length of the ingot used for extrusion.

  Before determining the tonnage of the extruder, it is necessary to know the cross-sectional shape of the profile, so as to determine the size of the mold, and then determine the structural form of the mold, so that it can be determined whether the extrusion is a hollow profile or a solid profile. There is a difference in the tonnage of the extruder required for structural profiles.

There are many classifications of extruders. According to the extrusion capacity, they can be divided into small, medium, large and heavy extruders. The extrusion capacity of each type of extruder is limited. The extrusion capacity is usually used MN said, that is tonnage, the tonnage of the 6063 aluminum profile extrusion machine used in industrial production has the following standards:

The tonnage (tons) of the extrusion machine can be divided into the following:

500T 600T 800T 1000T 1200T 1350T 1600T

1800T 2000T 2400T 2800T 3000T 3500T

4000T 6000T 8000T 10000T 12500T 15000T

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