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In winter, aluminum alloy doors and windows should be maintained in this way!
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01 | Super safe for children

Door and window safety is the first element of home safety, and the impact of doors and windows on family home safety cannot be ignored. To be a door/window that does no harm to children is also a practice of doing good and accumulating virtue.

Laolai Bulai Doors and Windows constantly digs deep into the user's demand for door and window safety, and develops "super-safe doors and windows" products for children's home safety, so that children can open and close the window from being caught, collision and other injuries.

The strategic positioning of "super-safe doors and windows" is more focused on families with children. From the perspective of safety, people's awareness of blind spots for doors and windows and the importance of home safety are aroused.

The implementation of the super-safety strategic positioning of Laolaibulai's doors and windows is carried out from four dimensions: product research and development, program design, 5S installation standards and publicity, so as to meet the current and future new consumer needs, deeply upgrade the family safety factor, and care for the safety of the elderly and children. Protect the happiness of hundreds of millions of families.

02 | Super sound insulation, enjoy life quietly

As we all know, a quiet and well-lit learning environment is very important for children, and a good learning environment is more conducive to improving learning efficiency.

The soundproof windows can easily isolate the outside noise and give children a quiet and comfortable learning environment. The large area of fixed glass design ensures sufficient light, so that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the distance through the window while you are tired from reading, so as to relieve fatigue.

Door and window care tips:

Why is the aluminum alloy in the home abnormal when it is turned on or off in winter? Most of the aluminum alloys are not properly protected. Especially in winter, due to problems such as temperature and humidity, aluminum alloy doors and windows are more likely to show some minor shortcomings. .

In view of the changes in aluminum alloys caused by such seasonal changes, what aspects should we pay attention to?

1. In spring, autumn and winter, pay attention to the superior indoor ventilation, adhere to the indoor humidity, and keep the aluminum alloy at a normal room temperature.

2. Do not open the aluminum alloy often with hands with water stains or other solutions to avoid discoloration of the door lock. When opening the aluminum alloy or changing the door lock handle, do not use too much force, which will shorten the service life of the aluminum alloy door lock. Hardware accessories such as hinges and door locks that move frequently should be tightened immediately when they become loose.

3. The indoor temperature in winter should not be too high (it is advisable to stick to around 20 degrees). When using electric heaters or other heating equipment, keep away from aluminum alloys to avoid heat deformation.

4. The edges and corners of the aluminum alloy should not be rubbed frequently to avoid fading and damage of the finishing materials at the edges and corners.

5. When cleaning the stains on the surface of aluminum alloy, it can be wiped with a soft cloth after being wet with air. When the stains are too heavy, toothpaste or special cleaning agent for furniture can be used, and wipe clean immediately after decontamination.

6. It should be cleaned and dedusted on schedule, and the surface can be maintained with a special curing liquid for wooden decoration products.

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